100 Word Story

The Influencer

The Bratwurst on the sea of red sauce looked tempting. Jessica adjusted her hat and took out her iPhone from her Gucci tote. Smiling into the front camera, she pouted. Selfie taken, the influencer airbrushed her pretty face. Satisfied, she posted the picture on Instagram.

#Foodgasm #FoodIsLove #CookDontEatOut

Within a minute, a thousand ‘likes’ from her followers appeared on her feed. Grinning, she grabbed a fork and bit into a piece of sausage.

The next moment, she spat it out. Eyes glinting with rage, she went to the online food delivery app and gave a one-star rating to the Bratwurst.

Narayani V Manapadam



The off-white ceiling, those green blinds in the ICU, that beeping life support – everything is perfectly etched on my mind. It was the day my daughter was born. I lucidly remember my dilemma, whether my decision to deliver her, despite my gynaecologist’s grave warning about my life being at high risk, was apt. Still clueless of what made me say yes, I am immensely grateful to the Almighty for this new lease of life. Fifteen years later, today my daughter demands a proof of my love towards her. My eyes are about to rain, akin to the heavily overcast skies.

Leela Satyan

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