Stigma: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

A negative expression of censure or infamy
Discrediting a person as being aberrant; a prejudicial notion
Viewed as having characteristic contrary to the norm of society
Unfavorable consequences it creates, like hopelessness and isolation.
Stigma is found in people’s attitudes and beliefs
As lacking positive attributes on people with a mental health condition
Perpetuating about the illness destructive ideas and myths
Bias opinions that can damage social relationships and participation.
Emotional health conditions are treatable; don’t just struggle in silence
Untreated mental illness often has a harmful consequence
It’s crucial to accept, be willing to ask for help
Combat stigma by knowing the facts; educate yourself.
Excessive sadness and fear are destructive and can be disabling
Focus on the positive; desist from immoderate worrying
While the ultimate effect of stigmatization is social exclusion
The solution to ending this stigma is the appropriate education.