Starry Night: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

The loud crisp rustle of leaves announced the onset of summer 
Like smooth satin, very softly, the dark gloomy sky let go of winter
The breeze blew warm, setting the tone ……….for days to come
Caressing, cuddling, cajoling the sinking fog, it is just awesome!

Life on a platter, served sweet dreams, out of a shiny golden pack
Sky a while ago draped in rosy pink attire, just turned bluish-black
It grew darker, tucking the day under its wings to reveal the stars
Night came alive, watched in awe those millions of twinkling stars!

An artist’s vision, a painter’s dream, a poet’s inspiration, and more
lo and behold! babymoon smiles through enchanting stars galore!
Wow! stars glittering like diamonds spread all across the sky
Like Shining tiny beads on damsel’s scarf, hiding her raw beauty!

The day’s hustle n bustle and Sun retires to dwell in his own den 
The Starry night is such a pleasant sight emerging all of a sudden!
Appearing like magic at each Sunset…disappearing at Sunrise
The eternal joy of Nature being one with darkness, a true paradis !

The night is all decked up as a Bride’s home to lure her Prince Charming 
Through Silvery Moon she beckons Him to come to her, foot-tapping 
The starry night sky mesmerisingly echoed across my thoughts
The huge vacuum within me was drawn to the peace it brought!