Spring Bloom: A Poem by Pragyan Parimita Nanda

The season of renewal, revival, and hope began
As magic gently sprinkles with soft rays across the land
From winter slumber the earth is just awakened
The cycle of nature is true and unbroken
New leaves, new buds unfolding in myriad hue
The soft wind carrying fragrance swirling around
Crocus bud swelled, golden daffodils sprouting are ready to bloom
Tulips painted in pink, red, and white blossom
Dainty petals swinging slowly a fancy flair
Adorning the garden, dancing in the warm sweet air
The radiant sun glowing brightly in with a smile
Brightening the earth with verdant green with its shine
Shyness melting with shimmering newborn colors
mesmerizing beauty captivating the eyes
Mornings cheer with sparrows chirping Exquisiting the heart forgetting all reveries
Thank you oh lovely spring for all the bliss
Gracious glorious charm you bring.