Somewhere, Some Emotions

Somewhere, some emotions die inside me
And that’s the moment, I fear the most

I sob, I whine, I internalize the grief
I detach & embrace the solitude
Then silently bury it, deep down my soul

There’s something that chokes my breath
That’s when I feel half-dead, while I’m still alive

I struggle to cover up the dead emotion inside me gracefully
I settle the ashes of broken heart pieces over it
And consciously sprinkle on top of it, the smiles

There are some valuable emotions that wither inside me
And that’s the moment I worry the most

I flaunt fake smiles for those who can’t infer the unsaid words
Who believe in mythical smiles & ignore eyes telling fables
Naked eyes, which hide not, behind any veil to drape genuine notions

Somewhere, some sensations vanquish inside me
That’s the exact moment when I bleed inside

There’s something that blurs out inside me
There’s something difficult to heal
Something, that stings me beyond repair

Arshi Alvi

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