Serenity: A poem by Sampurna Chatterjee Ganguly

The faint twilight hues paint in the sky an aura of tranquility,
Wrapping the land with a mystic veil of equanimity,
Standing transfixed I hear the symphony of the waves of solitude.
The petals of flowers in the bush swirl in cadence,
With the orchestra of lazy crickets’ carillon.
Ah! What a blessed juncture betwixt I’m standing!
What the hills are saying yonder?
The ballad of love they are singing,
When the busy breezes whisper something into their ears.
The night befalls with its velvet curtain,
Wrapping itself around the moon,
Singing lullaby until she sleeps with the sweet tune.
This music in the air as if reverberates into my soul,
Making it dance on the rhythm of  a blessed heart,
A divine serenity this is; a blissful trend.
Oh nature, be my solace!
I wanna lie on your bosom like a lotus-eater,

 With your poetry resonating into my ears.