War and peace: A poem by Mousumee Baruah

Every pristine dawn, the sun tries to wake before her.
But she always beats him.

She nestled herself in the lush field with her shimmering sickle.

Nurturing her beloved’s golden dreams.


At dusk with her children, she sings, cooks.

Dressing like the vermilion sky for her beloved.

Inspire all of them to see beyond the clouds.

And the whole day she smiles like a rainbow.

At night her eyes are fresh as nectarine dew.

As her mind has no muddles.

At night she sleeps peacefully.

Unaware that nights are melancholic.

She  doesn’t know  what is a restless night


Far away from her, from the skyscraper, I loitered around in my gallery.

My mind swings to and fro…

The tussle with my disarray minds full of if’s, and why’s

Looking at the moon, I beseech  “oh! bring some sleep to my weary eyes.”


Need both war and peace.

War to fight against vices so that peace and happiness prevail.

Not for dominance, and let
‘I’ replace forever by’ us’ and ‘we’, there shall be no war for good!