Serenity: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Exhausted with the pressing life in a bustling clamorous city
On a heavy day I fled far away from the  humdrum of humanity
In search of peace, directed my weary steps towards a spacious alley
Engrossed in thoughts I reached a lonely spot near a valley
Pursued by the  beckoning of the serene rivulet and melodious songs of birds
I stood entertaining my thirsty soul and my parched heart
All was silent save the.  waterfall, in the cool shadows calm, rested on the  stream
The best of life was mine with inner peace extreme
Calm, quiet, joy and peace I found wherever I rested my eyes
What serenity I felt standing under the open skies
Serene was the breeze over a field of luscious lavender on a spring day
Spreading its pulchritudinous scent of the  lovely flowers wafting far away
In the haven of rest and tranquility, my spirits were sailing the firmament
Suddenly stood by me a wondrous beauty, to my astonishment
Graceful was she, her life sustained by the beauty
What bliss do I need more than this sweet serenity?
Beauty in nature itself, she claimed to  live an unhindered life of a nymph
What was it – a reality, an illusion or a dream?
Whenever I sought solace she promised by my side to be

In a trance I returned to my city, its turbulence no longer vexed me.