Serenity: A poem by Nisha Tandon

 The drifting clouds tease the moon in this enticing night 
As the ravenous waves hit the forlorn shore
Numbing breeze carries with it a melody sweet
Tonight’s special as the galaxy of stars shine galore  

Graceful palms dance to the tune of the playful wind
Darkness is in love with the chastity of moonlight
Silence is broken with sounds of night birds
It’s such a healing and soothing sight

I walk on the irriguous sand, my thoughts wandering
Just don’t want this enchanting magic to end yet
My loneliness needs no companion tonight
As my inimitable soulmate, here I have met

The rough sea calms my thirsty soul 
As the vehement passions are taken care of
It understands and fulfils my yearning for you
Only this breathtaking phenomena can ever dare of

This place offers a haven of peace and serenity 
In solitude as my thoughts seem to drift away 
In my two arms I passionately embrace all your memories 

Before my indomitable emotions conspire to betray