Remnants of desire : A poem by Nisha Tandon

A subtle fire burned within them 
All draped passionately in the embering coal,
The light that shone within deliberately manifested 
As if at last they had met their own true soul

Every wordless emotion was felt profoundly 
She didn’t need to speak a single word 
As he looked deep into her pristine eyes 
He understood every silence of hers 

Their union blossomed an unfathomable dream
Her fervency fiery red and his passion as enkindled coal 
Tonight the silvery moonbeams  did scintillate
Some precious moments as two lovers stole 

A gentle breeze ruffled the quiescent leaves 
An intoxicating melody ignited an invincible desire 
No boundaries there were that were left uncrossed 
As two insatiable souls were set on tempestuous fire 

They perish tonight till they meet again 
When like always the destiny conspires 
They melt away into oblivion with remnants of ashes
Their journey complete as they culminate their desires

These special moments become memories treasured 
As they allow themselves to cross lines of fire 
Tonight once again as they say goodbye and part 
Pangs of separation will rekindle yet another undying desire