Remembering you: A poem by Mir Samsul Haque

Once when I trotted up to you frantically
Alas, our maiden meet ended up in craving
I felt inwardly a flurry of emotional thrills
Since then the days passed by in longing
I was exonerated from the eerie emotional exile
A glad tiding then there when you came into my life
With embers of love I reigned forever in silent solitude
I raced against the turbulent times amid a surfeit of strifes
I could foresee best of the times in the worst of situations
An idyllic surge was ever winking to surge like a soaring tide
I crafted the mansion of love in the deep cove of my throbbing heart
Though a slim chance of success stood as a stumbling stride
Smitten by severe sighs, I was imbued with romantic brooding
I envisioned a verdant spring in deserts of vapid times
I whirred and swirled in the sanctuary of hope like fireflies
Remembering you solely kept me moving in all possible rhymes
With much guts and gutsy I zeroed in an untoward oddity
The tirades of time intimidated me like tall, spiky cacti
From your absolute concern, I geared up greatly counting god’s grace
A temporary desperation was all over when you, too joined love’s race