Pros and Cons of Social Media


In the realm of screens we dwell,

Social media’s magic casts its spell.

A blessing or a curse, they ask,

A double-edged sword, this digital task.


For adults, it’s a window wide,

Connecting hearts far and wide.

Yet its shadows lurk nearby,

Time lost and friendships shy.


Validation sought, likes a potion,

Identity lost in the social ocean.

Comparison’s grip tightens fast,

Insecurity’s storm brewing vast.


For children, a different plight,

Virtual world, day and night.

Anxious hearts, seeking approval,

In the race for likes, they move full throttle.


Distanced from reality’s embrace,

Cyberbullying leaves its trace.

Amidst filters and perfect pose,

Identity struggles as it grows.


Yet it’s not all darkness and gloom,

Knowledge shared and stories bloom.

Connections bridging miles apart,

Support and empathy in the heart.


Balance is the key, we must find,

In this digital world intertwined.

For social media’s power immense,

With wisdom, let’s wield its sense!


Rajan Mehra