Prized Possession


The day I acquired it,

My most prized of all possessions,

I kept it all safe and sound,

As if ecstasy encircled all my expressions.


Each passing day, each sleepless night,

All I had was it on my mind.

I kept it so close to heart,

Unknowing how I’d eventually forget and leave it behind.


One month was all it lasted,

Until it was time to take it for granted.

It was imprinted in my head somehow,

That I had to uproot what I had once planted.


Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts,

Circumscribed each inch of my brain,

The thoughts went bad, like all my decisions,

And I defenestrated it, leaving no remains.


It’s been almost half a year,

And now I realize what I have lost.

It, who was always there with me,

And me, unwary of the costs.


Although, forever I’ll be grateful,

Of the good memories and lessons it taught,

All stories have endings, when lessons are learnt,

And I’m forever thankful for who it wrought.

Phalgun Hansrao

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