Princess Cortana: A Poem by Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Bypast a world sunken neath the sands,
A kingdom once stood o’er these barren lands.
Skies though still attired in cerulean duvets,
Reveal the tales of forever annihilating fates.

Wading o’er swathes of time: thru’ her days,
Cortana reigned the winds in blues and greys.
Thru’ skies and lands her spells alluring,
Thru’ mortal hearts her visage adoring.

Ay! Her footfalls witnessed temple bells,
As she walked thru’ fecund dales.
Spreading bewitching charms around,
She reigned each crimp of Rosamound.

Gracing the hermits thru’ the woods,
She galloped on horses draped in hoods.
O’er the tors of Caucasus vales,
She chased the gust of western gales.

The turning pages of dust and earth,
Still have preserved her sunset garth.
Yon memories of princess Cort,

Slumber beneath the desert fort.