The Cherished Epistle: A Poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

I received an epistle from a dear distant friend
To visit her place, China’s most prosperous land
A city always on toes, where East and West blend
I flew off to Shanghai and the newest Disneyland.

We jaunted the eight ancient water towns by the riverine
Splendor brimmed the cerulean expanse of Lajiazui skyline
The flashes of opulence, I could see well engraved
While taking a stroll, along the waterfront promenade
The city of oriental charms, with variegated architectural shade
And there were temples, pagodas, and statues confected of Jade
The history buff in me was, by the museums magnetized
Peeping into Huien Tsang’s SiYuKi, I was so surprised
The vintage cars in the Auto Museum were a lavish show
Fun it was to sashay through the fascinating shopping furbelow
Now the reminiscent mementos adorn my drawing room’s wall
And pictures of the chopsticks’ culture, the imprints I recall.

But I haven’t heard of my pal, since one and a half year
The number is still out of service, gravity fills me with fear
My heart still hopes against hope, to get a reply
I do cherish the memories and that letter from Shanghai.