Priceless: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Stark white hair adorned his wrinkled face
His empty eyes gaped in infinite space
No words he spoke nor heard the chirping birds
Alas! He was blind and deaf and bereft of spoken words

Spirited and effervescent, a lassie all of nine was she
Of an age that did not echo with sentiments deep
Her eyes spoke of an unblemished soul
The two became friends through life’s rigmarole

Not a word they could ever exchange verbally
Yet their deepest  emotions were conveyed soulfully 
Scribbling on each other’s leaf plain palms
Words that were no less than a healing balm

For reason unknown, they had to separate amidst life’s storms
The little girl scribed “It’s time for me to go away” on his palm
For a moment everything came to a complete standstill
That moment she was unable to comprehend his silent shrill

As the continual tears flowed down his ashen face
Those heart-breaking words many times did he erase
Though eons have passed but the yearning remains timeless
The special bond they shared is indescribable and priceless