Precious Album


The antiquated photo album that once lay untouched

Today has become a companion in my moments of solitude

When a deluge of memories shroud my lonely thoughts

I traverse into the fading past where I’m often left to brood


Every frangible leaf holds treasured reminiscences

Of few illusory promises and our sacred trust

A tug in the heart makes me yearn for you deeply

As a drop of tear washes away the speck of dust


The fervor of encounters and pangs of estrangement

Every moment of our lives is well captured and immortalised

Glimpses of the past echo from between the leaves

That fill my heart with sadness as I’m left teary-eyed


The distances between us only grew with time

We didn’t try to make amends and reconcile

Living in deep regret is the only penance

The remnants of our love that’s scattered, is too fragile


I decide to safely put away the precious album

Though my heart’s desires are not yet fulfilled

Scared to lose the only memories of you I’ve so far preserved

To time which may wash away castles we had so lovingly built


Nisha Tandon

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