Power of silence: A poem by Heera Nawaz

Many a time we like to create an altercation and fracas,
By using rude, impudent expletives as if it’s a token,
But before mouthing these mean words, measure them first,
Because in most cases, silence is more potent than words spoken
Be sure that you purify and cleanse your mind before you speak,
and realize that usually, it’s better not to articulate a word,
for that can cause trauma, pathos, riots, controversies, and fights,
for it can instigate and evoke a sea of tumultuous emotions stirred.
Before speaking think of the power and spirituality of silence,
By asking the following questions that rightly comes to mind,
“Are the words that I am going to say absolutely truthful,
Are the words necessary to bring up and, above all, are they kind?”
One well-meaning poet thought a lot and then said to me,
“How do I attract my colleagues and in them in some sense?
For they don’t seem to discern the rationality of thought,
How can they understand my words and not my silence?”
Too often we human beings blurt out bluntly and blatantly,
The words which debilitate instead of serving to lift and embolden,
without realizing that speech can open a Pandora’s box of evils,
for yes speech IS silver, but, you fool, silence IS golden!