Beauty of Simplicity: A poem by Maria Gina V. De Leon

The finest thing in life is to wake up each day
With gratefulness in your heart as you go along the way
For God who creates will make us realize the essence of life
Is not on the grandeur of looks nor the power or the might
Not the emperor’s clothes that clad your body
But on how you cover a poor man’s body
Not on the golden shoes that you wear
But on how you lead others on the step they have to bear
Not on the silver spoon and golden platter
But on how you feed the soul of every man in the gutter
Not on the lavish palace that protects your head
But on how you house a man nearing its death bed
The wealth that you have is all of worldly things
That man can never hide nor bring
It is not how opulent and extravagant you live that matters
For that alone is the vanity of life that a vicious man caters 
Learn to appreciate simple things that isn’t superficial
Looks, power and wealth may all be crucial
But the true beauty of life is in the simplicity
That transcends within the core of a man’s totality