Petrichor: A poem by Rohini Jayanti

the sweet smell of the soil wafted through the air

and the drops came to greet the earth

with the splendor of their music and the sensation of joy
every leaf shone in wonder and branches swayed in delight
welcoming the crystals to quench their thirst
clouds drifted by appreciating the bluebird sky
flowers smiled with brilliance waving their heads
as the little drops of rain danced on their petals
the fragrance in the air invited me to
pause time and take in a moment
the scent has stimulated every single feeling of bliss
I bathed in that perfume as my heart frissioned with joy inside
there was magic in the air
my soul whirled in the scent of the lingering petrichor
as I stood on the edge of time waiting for the world to pass me by