Memories of Summers past: A poem by Jellie N.Wyckelsma

Summer holidays
No school for four weeks
Freedom to roam the fields at ease
Seeing the delicate plumes of grass
Waving hello to the warm breeze
Laying down in the meadow
Amongst the daisies, the buttercups,
The white flowers of clover
Smelling their subtle scent
Watching the birds’ fly-over
Feeling the sun touching my skin
Hearing the buzzing of bees
Noticing a fluttering, colorful butterfly
Wishing to join the fluffy white clouds
That drift along high in the sky
Picking a big bunch of dazzling daisies
To take home for my Mum
Of which I could tell
Would bring a smile to her face
I remember it well
My precious memories
All one of a kind
Always remaining so special to me
Forever etched in my mind.