Perspectives: A poem by Omar Nassar

From a young age, he manipulated his parents
Being naturally intelligent with an affecting smile
He often skipped school to gamble with idle kids
Cheated at exams, passed, he used fake papers to join politics…….
Where he used propaganda to take many for a ride
Year after year that he’d improvise everyone’s life
He conned the rich and dished out cash to the poor
While he ate big pretending to reduce poverty……..
His tongue oozed honey while his money sweet as lies
Spread like fresh butter over everyone’s bread
Where the lies spread to assure all truth was dead
So that in all time to his support all would be wed…..
To be stringed to loans and grants all squandered on leisure
While he mooted up development ideas now and then
Debated in pubs and night-clubs day in and day out
And his supporters thought all was on track…….
Until when the debts became unmanageable
Since all, he was squandering with friends had strings attached
He realizes to his dismay he too had been manipulated
As he had been manipulating his supporters all along!