Manipulation: A poem by Rafika Rangwala

Manipulation is the game 
Which is played by deceivers
Sometimes by diplomats too
Manipulators consider themselves to be very smart
But they don’t understand
To whom they are manipulating
They too have hearts
They are capable enough to kick them apart
Once they enter your life
You will be far away from the truth
They will definitely use you
And fulfill their booth
The fake smile, the sham beauty
The fraud appearance, the feigned world
Are surprisingly the live example of manipulation
The skillful behavior of one’s
Pretending rich, just to get a favor
The white lies in advertising one’s talents
Pretending ourselves more wise and knowledgeable 
Even without the primary education
Is the hue and cry of the present scenario
As if the whole world  is dazzling
In the arm of manipulation.