Optimism: A poem by Nazima Kachwalla

She had just her positive approach,
Towards all that happened in her life,
With a smile and cheer, she went,
Through the struggle and strife.
One morning she got up,
‘I have lots of work to be done today,’
Ah!! No vision in the right eye,
She told herself and cheerfully walked her way.
On insistence from her mother,
She went to see a doctor,
‘I still can see from my other eye,’
Her opening statement shocked the doctor.
Her optimism and buoyancy,
Welled the doctor’s eyes,
‘You will soon see with both,’
Was the doctor’s positive reply.
‘Your optimism is your self-reliance,
And your self-reliance, your strength,
And this strength along with prayers,
Will take you to any length.’