Live Fearlessly: A poem by Khushboo Yadav

Fear, an unpleasant feeling of risk and danger.

It is unavoidable emotion in human nature.

The human mind is filled with the whirlpool of human.
Living in fear man can never get liberation.

The world is changeable here everything is mortal.
If you know your strength you can win laurels.

Your inner-power is bigger than your fear.
Remove your doubts and apprehension make your goal clear.

Defeat fear with your confidence.
On the way to success fear is the biggest hindrance.

Be a warrior don’t afraid to encounter risk.
Do work with devotion towards your goal fixed.

Struggle and adversity are part of life don’t be afraid of it.
Be the conqueror with a fearless spirit.

Successful people pave their own way.
Being fearless they don’t go astray.

Don’t be disheartened don’t be afraid when great Almighty is with you.
In days of darkness, he will rescue.

March ahead with faith know the limitless strength of your soul.
Don’t be overpowered by fear keep it under control.