On the wings of mercy: A poem by Dr. Sudha Subramaniam

God rang the warning bell
Before tossing us into hell;
For we rent the sky with holes
And ultraviolet rays penetrated earth’s soul;
Gripped by hurricanes and tornadoes
The blue planet cringed in fear;
As fiery fires did shear
Green forests and humanity’s heart,
Replete with greed and ready to plunder.
He cast off the mantle of care,
Ripped us apart, threw us asunder.

Then in she flew on wings of gold,
Pleading with him who rules the world,
“Have mercy, my Lord. Forgive them for they know not what they do.
The words spoken by Jesus on the Cross.
Mercy alone has the power
To kill the demons of vice and let virtue pervade;
Life is no game of dice nor is truth a false charade! 
Delve within and find mercy dwelling,
Oh Lord!! Man is still a fledgling”.