Historical rendezvous: A poem by Dr. Sudha Subramaniam

Trampling hooves vied with the clang of swords,
To shroud the warring inferno dust rose;
To clamour for glorious victory hearts froze;
Blood coursed its way
On barren lands and basalt stones,
Life-giving arteries yielded to the onslaught;
At the battle of the Hydapses.
History will forever remember;
Hail Alexander!!

Oh son of King Philip and Queen Olympia,
Tamer of the wild stallion Bucephalus,
Slicer of the Gordian Knot;
You advanced into Asia with the spirit to further conquer;
Hail Alexander!!

Ancient Punjab where the Chenab and Jhelum flow, 
Recalls the words of captive King Porus,
“Treat me, as you yourself would like to be treated”;
A ray of humanity touched the conquerer’s heart, 
Admiration for honour and self-respect played its part.
Hail Alexander!!