Never Say Goodbye: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

She is the Orb’s favorite protege.

She wears an aquamarine tiara and is the chosen one as orb showers his choicest ray.


Only she can bear life.

A few decades ago, I too born on her core and thrive.


No idea how many times I had come over here and left.

But each time I was born ,I brought nothing except death .


Death comes free when we are born.

All other things we have to earn, and the relationship we have to nurture like a plant on our lawn.


Wheel of life moves, we have to leave.

New tapestry together life and time weave.


We cannot challenges time, but we can do one thing… let’s not forget each other, look at the photographs.

Cherish the looks, cherish the  laughs .


Never wipe away any memories, let’s keep the belongings.

Let’s look at the stars in the evening.


Imagine the stars as our loved ones,waving at us from the elysian sphere .

Let’s whisper with the whispering wind, as wind roams everywhere.


Convey messages filled with love and waves back to the shining stars.

Never say goodbye to the memories, keep them on the heart’s altar.


Let’s  remember everyone we meet in our temporary sojourn, when sad look at the good sky.

So when memory stays, souls are immortal, hence goodbye is irrelevant, so never say goodbye.