Nature’s Melody: A Poem by Amrita Mallik


Resting my head on salty pillows,
When sleep and dreams eluded me,
Your dulcet rhythm of the night,
And, the cool wind gently caressing my hair,
Closed my eyes in a transcendent peace.

My incessant want of my mother’s touch,
That thirst for her gentle kiss and sweetness,
You have fulfilled the longings of my heart,
As you have wiped away my tears and heard me,
Soothing my burning and parched soul.

I’ve never outgrown Nature’s lap,
That bestows abundant assurance,
No matter how the day will turn out,
The befalling night will bring me good tides,
The mellifluous voice singing me to sleep.

Now inside the tall towers of cityscape,
Exhaustion and apathy to bland reality,
Automatically turn off my eyes at night,
How I miss your lullaby, nowadays,
Maybe you come but I fail to welcome you.