Eventide: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The flowers closed their somnolent eyelids to the kiss of the day
As with splendid thrusts set the sun, a cupola of gold, at bay
Every time we met in the crepuscule when the halo of the eventide
Scripted hints of golden twilight dreams and hopes so bright
Invoking passions pink of romantic musings
Upon horizon’s smile, lapis lazuli glistening
As the blue velvety sky caressed the magenta clouds
Beneath the golden umbrella, our hearts skipped beats so loud
In that solemn beauty, there was a mystery infinite
Quietly we sat in  tranquility, of spoken words there was no need
With the moonrise, we listened to the lyrics of the shining stars
That needed neither lute nor lyre to soothe our heart
Just as the days end and fast fall the eventides,
One day she bade me adieu, leaving me tenebrous without any light
Yet in the loneliness of twilight, I keep her alive
I see her so near to me, as I close my eyes
Oftentimes I venture into the evenings when the moon invites me reminiscing
Memories of my beloved haunt me as I retreat into the gloaming
Now the melody of the stars have waned, for no more will she return
Forever I’ll think of her in the hours of the vanishing sun.