Nature- Blessing in alluring disguise: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi


Nature is an enchanter for the thoughtful and the wise
For you, it might be just a beautiful vision,
For the lovers of environ, it brims with lessons and surprise.

The giant old tree standing in the park.
 Bestowing its shadow equally to the white and the dark;
The leaves are shed and forgotten though,
And the fruits are eaten by others, you know!

And the birds, the millions, flying in the flock, 
Unity and fraternity can indeed end the deadlock; 
The chirping, the chirrups, the hoot, and Twitter
Are all phonic therapies, pacifying the heart so jitter;
They trust their own wings no matter the rain, 
Why do we give up in the fear of pain.?
The rivers, the rivulets, the brook, and the lake
Are epitome of continuity, without any break;
Selfless and pure, these paragons of progression, do not lose hope
And make their way through the rugged slope.
The mounts huge and icy, with an ambiance so calm
They stand tall and determined, till the dams do the harm;
Quintessential in the Fables, for generations to be told
The ways of gorgeous Mother Nature are fascinating to behold.

For some, these bits of the macrocosm are food for the eyes
The air and Earth, Water and Blaze, and Sky so limitless, 
Yes for the enthusiasts, they are blessings in alluring disguise.