My Withered Rose: A Poem by Rupali Mistry

Somewhere in a corner of my mind,
Deep within dark caverns labyrinthine,
There lies a dusty memory in repose
Very much akin to a withered, red rose.

The petals are dry, yet deeply shaded
With just a little fragrance, now faded.
And frozen in space and time, with it
Are stem, leaves and thorns complete.

In moments that are entirely my own
To that secluded chamber I feel drawn,
And I relive precious moments of my life-
Moments that have long passed me by.

The scenes evoked are vivid and bright.
The events and people all come alive.
It is as if time stopped in its tracks
And turned around to take me back.

Hooked, I long to seek the rose again-
To revel in the walk down memory lane.
The rose lies motionless in suspension-
Withered, yet alive, by untold emotions.