Frigid Foliage Farewell: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Cold, the grip of winter’s icy breath appears,
A lone leaf trembles, facing nature’s ancient rites,
The forest, painted in a mosaic of molten topaz.

A tale woven in the sinews of seasons elapsed,
Each scar a testament to battles fiercely joined,
Once vivid, now a pallid specter, a dance of solitude.

Whispers from the frost-laden zephyrs murmur,
“Release, grasp the inexorable hand of fate,”
Yet, it lingers, quivering, as dusk’s curtain descends.

A fragile sentinel, unyielding, unwavering,
While the world cascades into tranquil surrender,
It clings, a solemn elegy to twilight’s fading hues.

Quivering and sighing, cradled in twilight’s arms,
Veins suffused with liquid silver, skyward gazes,
Strength personified, a heavenly sonnet.

The last leaf, an evanescent portrait of charm,
A poignant reminder, in every valediction,
Blossoms anew, a treasury of unwritten tales.

Author’s Note:

“Frigid Foliage Farewell” invites us to witness nature’s courage in the face of change. Like the leaf, accept life’s transitions, find strength in vulnerability, and discover the beauty of new beginnings.