Musings for the New Year



Month after month, year after year,

Space scientists struggle to answer

This question – Is anybody out there?


With them, everyone else wonders –

Are we all truly alone in this universe?

And is this for the better or for worse?


But do signs of alien life really matter?

Or how far all the galaxies are scattered?

Or the location of black holes and stars?


Now, how about when a neighbor suffers?

How do you ease their sadness or fears?

Or is being compassionate a big bother?


Do you help your brothers and sisters?

Would you care or lend your shoulder?

Or do you chase glamor and grandeur?


As the curtains drop on the past year,

Let us all pledge to always be together,

Listen to and empathize with each other.


Let humanity be the focus this New Year,

For the question we all should answer

Is about ourselves – Is anybody in there?


Rupali Mistry