Chiffon Streaks




The night was restless, silent and too long

Excitedly waiting for a new dawn to arrive with her chirpy song


Shedding the sable cloak off her shoulders

Darkness rolls from the arms of the moon alabaster


Brave is the sky when the moon disappears

Vanishing from sight, the twinkling stars too coyly obscure


Wriggling like a newborn from a fleece blanket

The rays wash the frills of clouds in crimson and scarlet


Gauzy shimmer appears on the horizon

And I see a sliver of crest of the rising sun


Gliding across the sky lazily, the tangerine fireball shimmers brightly

Rising over treetops and bathing the rooftops nascently


The air is perfumed as buds and blooms joyously unfurl

The mild gust of breeze ruffles the waves of my tousled curls


The apricot sky breaks into splashes of colors, ribbons and streaks

I watch the new day waltz in to paint all my dreams.


Sangeetha Kamath