Moments of goodbye: A poem by Indrani Chatterjee

The soft foamy waves, bouncing and lashing in cadence against the hard shore,
Planting a goodbye caress, before they retreat to the ocean core.
The passionate abrasion of lips, to prolong the lingering treat,
The amorous tugging of hearts cannot be marred in their goodbye meet.
The savory droplets glistening in the eyes, augments the radiance of bride,
One illative goodbye glance at her parents and mounds of agonies to hide.
The wayfarers to the crematory shouldering the defunct to the last flight,
The goodbye tears depict in silence, soon all shall dwindle from sight.
The year declines in perdue, cantering through its seasonal taste,
Meeting the deadline on time, it’s goodbye evokes New Year trait.
Every profound night has an imminent dawn and the murky clouds have galvanized lining 

 Goodbye procreates its own occasion, premising a new beginning.