Meaning of Life: A Poem by Staffy Bhateja (Steffi)

Money, Fame, Power- are shallow pursuits
Life, in all its glory, is finding your “Ikigai”- raison d’etre
Inner Peace, Happiness, Good Health are the real pillars of a good life
Composing beautiful verses, Reading philosophies of the stalwarts, Creating art, Composing music, Dancing one’s heart out-
Aren’t all these what we live for, my friend?
Seek the elders’ blessings
To live a fruitful, purposeful life
Don’t flee from challenges and sorrows, either!
The pain and the hardships of today will form tomorrow’s success story, inspiring millions across the globe
Surrender yourself to the will of the Almighty, like a Sufi saint
And lead an adventurous life, with joie de vivre
La Familia, Friendships, Romance, Bonhomie-
Attract and inculcate these elements in your life
Positivity, Travel and Yoga for longevity- too add to the charm of the gift of Life!
Find yourself amidst the daily, monotonous hustle-bustle
Don’t be a mere blank face in the crowd with starved imagination
And afterwards, your life will have a meaning, which you shall be able to comprehend from the vantage point!