Meaning of Life: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The banal drudgery of my mundane hard life became so intense
I wondered why my humdrum existence made no sense
“What is the real purpose and meaning of life?”
This was the question with which I often did strive
Until one day I realised it’s not what it seems
I question my life, my existence and not what it means
There’s a higher purpose waiting to unfold life’s meaning
That will bloom, with a smile, a twinkling in the eye, with dreams redeeming
Not always grand and noble, sometimes just simple gifts
Just spreading love and laughter, spirits it might lift
Purpose swirls in the dance of time
In the lessons learnt, in the bonds we weave
The meaning of life elusive, grand, isn’t found in what we seek to own
That’s how we treat each other that brings higher purpose out
Finding ways to make the world better, is what’s life all about
So fulfill your goals, your passion with heart and grace
For in life’s odyssey, in this endless chase
We find the very meaning we are searching for
Cherish each day with love, let your spirit soar.