Maths- Foe or Friend: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

Aha! It’s a game of digits and symbols,
Sometimes geometry, sometimes numerical,
Revolving around the tiny one two three,
So very strange is its chemistry!

O’ sometimes it seems to be a foe,
When questions of it can’t be solved,
It demands brainy tricks and methods,
Some magical wand children wish to hold!

But sometimes it brings joy and cheers,
When addition, subtraction become so clear,
Solving its formulas so easily,
Maths seems to be so interesting simply!

Whatever it is, I enjoy it a lot,
O’ dear mathematics you are the gift of Lord,
Learning your concepts in play way,
One becomes master one day!

Come on friends, let us enjoy this subject,
Don’t take it as a burden, feel its taste,
It depends upon you what you think about it,
Whether it is a friend or foe it is !!