Integrity: A poem by Maria Gina V. De Leon

The world is stained with so much corruption
But man is created to choose and have notion
To select morality over iniquity
To be good rather than be evil
To discern righteousness over wickedness
To be genuine while others are not
To be upright rather than vicious
To be a man of integrity rather than dishonesty
It needs a thousand men to build a nation
But it only needs a single virtue to do good action
Integrity encompasses all traits and virtues
It leads man to do good things he wants to pursue
A man of integrity can never do wrong
He is always guided by the trait that is so strong
To combat the cruelty and imperfections in this world
And still, be the best of himself without being told
Blessed is the man who is endowed with integrity
For he can live a life that is full of veracity     
Even if he is not given a chance to live in prosperity
Still, he can tread the path of life with all its sincerity