Manipulation: A poem by Nazima Kachwalla

Am I the only one;
Who notices insincerity?
Or Am I the only one;
Who sees no clarity?
Those little lies that you tell me,
Always come back to haunt me.
The manipulator has the blind
Thinking that they can see,
It is not their fault
They are the ones who are deceived easily.
As for me I have learnt,
Not to trust foolishly.
Laden with fake smiles and wild guile,
Their audacity truly amazes me,
Seems like a smudged window,
Projecting and claiming clarity.
When an individual uses another,
To advance his own interests,
Has a master plan to achieve a specific outcome,
Just as we feel for the deceived.
But, never for the deceiver,
The Deceiver is the Master-Manipulator.