Manipulation: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

Life doesn’t always follow a pattern we weave 
In no way, it is obligated to fulfilling our dreams 
Life is never a smooth sailing as one perceives

What is life without some genuine manipulation 
Worthy of a calculated risk taken in anticipation
If it helps bridging gaps and cementing relation.

Tread path less travelled, leave behind your mark
A lot is manipulated to set your footprint in dark
How well life manipulates wonderstruck you ask.

Sadly life is not always a bed of roses, we all know
People , out to cash in on weaknesses, somehow
They work in a malicious way, one wonders how!

 A mind game – a cunning plays, to cheat or fool
 One can be bogged down by tough set of rules
 In today’s world, a trend often considered “cool”!

 People manipulate to bring in behavioral changes*
 From a few lies to glorifying reality it widely ranges
 Need be brutally manipulative to negate damages!

Let our manipulation make the world a better place,
To lead a life in peace, harmony, love, dignity, and grace!