Love that couldn’t Survive…: A poem by Amrita Mallik

The first snow drizzled on the roof top
Making me nostalgic, refreshing that day,
Together we had promised to be entwined forever
The wishes would come true, we trusted the belief
Alas! You’re now not here, leaving me alone in this chill.

True love, indeed, had blossomed, betwixt us
I’ve been blessed with such an endearing partner like you,
Relishing the changing seasons and their colors
We’ve lived together for nearly semicentennial
The happiness bubble burst due to the invading frost.

Your amorevolous nature had given me warmth
The biting cold became an unforgettable spectacle
Hand-in-hand, peppered with banters and arguments,
Our paths had crossed, interwoven into one,
Now, the irreparable loss has made me stoic.

Yet, there’s the hope of reuniting with you
Your turn is over, and I eagerly wait for mine,
As I reach heaven’s gate, stay there to greet me
As I live you’ll be living too, in my every breath,
And, this gives me hope and uplifts me through this crisis.