Live fearlessly: A poem by Poonam Kanwal

Clench a few and sway them through, the length of an open palm,
Rolling lifelessly, these tiny seeds, seem obediently calm,
But encaged within are explosive bents, ably equipped for triggering alarms,
Their alarming silence, announces break-throughs,
Into new and contributing life forms,

Rolled up in mud on pebbly paths, they lay in the dark,
With ticking time and the hope of sunshine, their surge to live…….
Takes favors from trapped air, water and all,
Soon enough they emerge as victors, with new shoots basking under the Sun’s call,
Fearlessly, they broke the armors of comfort that seated death and tears,

The fearless mother bird allows her fledglings to fall,
Instinct and practice spread their wings wide and strong,
The first flap marks, new soaring heights they are soon to capture in awe,
“Go conquer”…….is her call,
The stumbles and falls are confident hauls, that make toddlers begin to walk,
Fear holds captive many progressive calls,
Break free from fears that under the guise of comfort are confining trap walls.