Listen to the Voices: A Poem by Nibedita Rajguru

The verdure blanketed the earth,
Birds twittered on the boughs,
They snuggled in their cozy homes,
Amidst the stems and branches,
A sliver of sun’s ray danced in patches,
Bees whizzed rhymes,
Blossoms chanted hymns,
Leaves rustled, trees swayed,
The wind swirled all around,
A cadence of happiness filled the orchard,
“Listen to the voices”
Nature’s music wafted in the air,
But then,
The beauty eroded,
When humans invaded,
The stretch of greenery
To build tall edifices.
They slayed trees, ruthlessly,
Dismissing the pleas, of the moaning trees,
The faint voices melded with the decaying Nature,
They perished in the inhuman slaughter,
Turning into an unfruitful, lifeless land.