Braveheart: A Poem by Priyanka Sabharwal (Mona Mona)

I stood staring at those tiny soles,
Suffering from various serious ailments,
But no pain can disperse their passion for life,
Their laughter and smiles are so pure and innocent,
Their essence, zeal and confidence are always high,
These bravehearts are a true inspiration.

Whenever I feel disheartened and sad,
One look at these angels,
My optimism and radiance flow back into my body,
They screeched through each day with happiness and joy,
Even knowing they have a short lease of life,
But no amount of uncertainty can deviate them from their pathway,
They are always ready with new stories and plan to share,
Their compassion, playfulness and arguments rock,
The otherwise gloomy place gets life from their voices and activities,
A salute to these brave hearts for their brightness and love for life.