Life is a journey: A poem by Vasudha Pansare

The journey of life can be tough,
Sometimes you want to say enough!
But it is full of little pleasures too,
Sometimes the sky is stormy,  sometimes blue.

Life can be beautiful,
If you have a positive attitude,
If you can endure pain and be cheerful,
If you have a heart full of gratitude.

The days pass quickly,
Like trees rushing past a train,
Enjoy each moment fully,
Before you know, you’re in the sixties lane.

Life is like a rollercoaster ride,
Both exciting and dangerous,
Let your conscience be the guide,
Then life will become marvelous.

Don’t think about life’s destination,
Live every moment with joy,
Behold the miracle of divine creation,
Every experience you must enjoy.

As you grow older you understand
That life is so wonderful and precious,
Sometimes a nightmare, sometimes a dreamland,
So you must be always patient and gracious.