Life is a journey: A poem by Deepak Raj Chetri

Life is a journey through ridges and hills
The endless journey filled with wonders and thrills
We must cross deserts, mountains or foothills 
To enjoy the aroma of flowers and nature’s frills
Life is a journey through agony and pain
The wonderful journey that most of us make vain
Through unplanned journey the energy we drain
Give up in the mid-way and live the life of an insane
Life is a journey through the boundless universe
Without a chance to repeat or rehearse
Each moment we spend will never reverse
Well planned journey reaps an impact adverse
Life is a journey through the discovery of inner truth and false
We must walk the best path without the regret and repulse
Discovering the harmony of the subtle system and its impulse
Listening to castigated pulse, veins and intestinal convulse
Life is an incessant journey towards an eternal glee
Which we must travel with kindness, which is free
To the almighty, an omnipresent Lord I Plea  
The journey be pleasant under the guidance of thee