Life is a game of Chess: A poem by Vasudha Pansare

 Life is like a game of chess,
To win, you have to move,
Think, ponder, make wise decisions,
And understand the people around you.

Chess, like life, is not just about winning,
It is about training and learning,
It requires patience and perseverance,
Wisdom and inner peace.

In chess and in life we learn
The power of silent thought,
We learn that every decision
Will have an impact on the future.

Confidence, self-belief are essential,
Both in chess and in life,
If you believe in yourself,
You can perform miracles.

In life and in chess, it’s better
To avoid the crowd, follow your heart
And be self reliant,
Self sufficient and independent.

Both chess and life teach you lessons,
Teach you concentration,
Teach you how to solve problems,
Teach you destiny is not chance but choice.