Life is a game of chess: A poem by Manisha Amol

Chess is played for a few hours or days
Life is to be lived for a few decades
Both need to be learned with training and mindfulness
Irreversible moves to be made require thoughtfulness

The chessboard is equally divided in squares white and black
Life creates shades of grey if treated with slack
All are beginners till a few become grandmasters
Diligence and sacrifices draws life’s aesthetic pleasures

Analyse the strength of Pieces and manoeuvre the moves
Patience and perseverance help resonate with life’s grooves
Opening moves at times decide the fate of the game
Right values instilled in childhood propel us to fame

Pawns the most understated form the game’s ‘soul’ happily
Move ahead straight but capture the opponent diagonally
The most insignificant steps need to be carefully tread
Learn life’s basic principles as the game of chess

When the King castles the Rook moves to shield
Occasionally to step aside to increase life’s yield
Prepare to jump over hindrances like a playful Knight
Effectively use the Queen as she has all the might

Complexity of the game deepens with the opponent’s move
Carefully keep a sharp eye to help obstacles remove
Broadly understood but overwhelmed with the game of chess
Be alert of the Checkmate! Start life afresh